It took several months of experimentation, product sampling and planning before the first ZAGU store was launched in April of 1999.  ZAGU was pioneered by a young enterprising lady with a degree in Food Science from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

To this date, Zagu has blended millions of pearl shakes, a pretty good number for something that was widely predicted as a passing fad. Now, ZAGU has grown from tiny kiosk to current network of over 500 stores nationwide and in UAE. Zagu has also gained recognition locally through awards such as the National Consumers Quality Awards.

From these humble beginning to its present success, ZAGU has proven that is not a passing fad, 85% of our current stores have been occupying the same leased space for more than three years. ZAGU foods can be found in malls, supermarkets and roadside location. Behind the success of every ZAGU store is our professional management team and dedicated employees committed to putting the customer first and achieving excellence in everything.