Frequently Asked Questions

When was Zagu Established?

The innovative drink was conceptualized and was turned into reality by a young enterprising lady with a degree in Food Science from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada in April of 1999, with its first Authorized Dealer awarded in October 1999 in Manila, Philippines. 

How many ZAGU outlets are there?

ZAGU has more than 446 stores strategically located throughout the Philippines.

What exactly does ZAGU look for in a partner?

ZAGU looks for dynamic people who are willing to do business with ZAGU – People who are:


Hard Working


Customer Oriented

Do I need any experience to become a Zagu Authorized Dealer?

Our family of Authorized Dealers is from all walks of life. They range from housewife to bank executive, student to retiree, some of whom have no prior experience in the food and beverage business. We seek those with  willingness to work as a team and desire to succeed long term as our prime candidates.

What process is involved in the application?

It starts with completion of the Initial Questionnaire Form then followed by interviews, meetings, payment of cash bond, filling up of application form, submission of requirements, payment of package, signing of agreement and lastly training. (Kindly refer to Flowchart).

*Note – It will take approximately 15 - 30 days from the date of submission of Initial Questionnaire Form for the result of the Initial Evaluation

How much is the investment to become a Zagu Authorized Dealer?

The approximate investment package is between Php700,000 – Php900,000 and business is already fully operational.

What are the types of ZAGU stores?

Two (2) types of stores namely: 

Indoor                                     Outdoor 

Stall                                         Roadside Stall


Standard Cart    

How much is the royalty fee?

No Royalty fee.

What other expenses will I incur?

Initial Investment will highly depend on the expenses for the following:

I. Investment Package with Zagu (Inclusive of the following)

1. Operational expense

2. Cart Construction Cost

3. Equipment Package

4. Initial Inventory ( Good for 1 week)

5. Crew Uniform

6. Signage

7. Insurance

8. Service Crew Training


II.Start-up Capital (Not included in the Investment Package)

9. Security Deposit 

10. Advance Rental

11. Construction Bond

12. Government Permits (Business Permits, Mayor’s Permit,etc.)

13. BIR

14. Salary

Will ZAGU provide the location for us?

Authorized Dealers must look for their own location. ZAGU will only assist in the evaluation (Ocular Inspection) of the proposed location. We do not encourage our Authorized Dealer Applicants to reserve a location when they are still in the process of application. Reservation of a location is the sole risk of the Authorized Dealer and Zagu will not be liable in any way.

Are service crew included in the package?

No. The applicant will hire and provide its own service crew. Training will be conducted by ZAGU.

Can I operate more than one store?

Yes, ZAGU encourages multiple ownership. However, each store is treated separately.